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small imagesRegardless of whether you operate one spa or many, IntelliSpa is the choice of Wellness businesses worldwide: multi-location, multi-lingual, multi-currency.

The Solution

intelliSpa™ Healthy Business is a solution built specifically for the Wellness Sector. Whether you are in Fiji or Thailand, Dubai or East London, Queenstown or Surfer’s Paradise, we have customers like you... and in many other locations!.

Wherever Wellness facilities operate, new models of business are developing, and intelliSpa™ focuses on delivering solutions that enable management of every aspect of the business.

With the software running locally at your facility, you have the security of knowing your information is always available. With our web options, clients can book anytime and you can view and manage staff and the business remotely. All information is synchronized in real time between the on-site system and the web.

Dynamic staff rostering and powerful scheduling software enables the best utilization of staff, rooms, facilities and clients. intelliSpa™ shows all activity at a glance, in a single screen who is rostered, booked, arrived, paid, what “no shows„ there are, and what treatments or classes are available.

You can easily conclude which clients are your most frequent purchasers, which are the most profitable, and what their favorite treatments, therapists and purchases are. If you wish to offer a loyalty program, send a reminder or a thank you note, the powerful intelliSpa™ marketing module enables communication by email, text messaging, web mail or regular mail.

Regardless of the source of a booking -- by phone, web, or walk-in -- you will know exactly what capacity you have, and you need only to check it in one place.

Complex group bookings, series sales, or memberships are all managed. Every client receives the right treatment, from the right person, in the best location, every time. Manage inventory, cash, gift vouchers, classes, and calculate complex payments for staff with a fully integrated system.

Our exceptional training and implementation services result in well trained staff, and long term, flexible support for your business.

Regardless of whether you operate one spa or many, intelliSpa™ is the choice of Wellness businesses worldwide: multi-location, multi-lingual, multi-currency.

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