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small imagesOur implementation specialists match your business processes to the software, and that there is a solid understanding as how to best use the software to improve your business.


intelliSpa™ provides a wide range of business services.

Spas are always seeking ongoing training and intelliSpa™ provides that both onsite and remotely.

At initial set up, we provide one-on-one, personal training.

Our implementation specialists match your business processes to the software, and ensure there is a solid understanding of how to improve your business processes.

Key attributes

  • Services are available worldwide
  • We understand that you are in a 7-day-a-week service business
  • Our Services range from giving advice on specific product use issues, to full scale project management of an implementation
  • intelliSpa™ regards our services offerings as being one of the key differentiators between us and our competitors.
  • We have highly experienced implementation consultants, all of whom work directly for intelliSpa™.
  • We don’t outsource this important part of our solution
  • We provide custom development services to clients who have special needs and are always open to new ideas about how to improve our products and services.

Our development, support and marketing teams have worked together for many years.

We have a culture of being completely customer focused. We have offices in the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK and partner offices worldwide.

Our clients are at Destination and Retreat Spas, Wellness Institutes, Resort Spas and Day Spas.

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